What is a domain and do I need one?

What is a domain and do I need one?

A ‘domain’ is how locations on the web are identified. Think of it as part of the web address.

Like ‘Google’.com. Or ‘12minuteaffiliatereview.com‘.

It’s the part immediately before the ‘dot’ com.

To do business on the web, you have to use a domain – be it your own, or one that belongs to someone else.

One of the great things about this system by Devon Brown is that to use the 12MinuteAffiliate system you don’t ‘need’ a domain.

If you’re a little more advanced (just a little) you may want to get one for 2 reasons:

  1. For a branded email address
  2. To help improve your ability to reach your audience.

But again, it’s entirely optional with the 12MinuteAffiliate system

IF you decide to get a domain of your own, I recommend GoDaddy.

And to help with your success as an affiliate marketer, check this out.

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